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Gabby Lewis is a fashion designer based in Los Angeles. Growing up as a child she remembered making clothing for her Barbies and other dolls.   While going through the COVID pandemic and seeing the increased need to wear masks everywhere with little regard to the rest of the ensemble, Gabby became inspired to design and create her own custom Caps & Cloth Mask sets. It gave her the opportunity and freedom to be fashionable while being safe. 

In 2011 she pursed a career in the fashion industry as a Fashion Stylist. Styling celebrities for Red Carpet events, to stepping into zone styling Fashion Editorials for magazines, Gabby wanted to gain hands on experience in every part of the Fashion World. In 2012 she decided to do the unthinkable and launch her own magazine called Thrifty Hunter.  She felt as though she had stepped into another world. It was one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. Thrifty Hunter delivered 13 unforgettable issues. Two years later in 2014 during her first  pregnancy, Gabby made the decision to end and retire Thrifty Hunter. It was in a sense a bitter sweet decision.  However, she was excited for the new journey in life and knew things would be different, so she wanted to prepare. It has been said that “change unleashes people’s creative energy”, and so it was after the arrival of  Gabby’s daughter in 2015, following her passion she began to design  a children’s clothing line called bunny & hare, affectionately inspired by her daughter.  After designing a few collections, Gabby felt the need to challenge herself. Her goal and dream was to expand in the Fashion Designer market.  However, she realized in order to go further it would necessitate pursuing a degree in Fashion Design. Gabby is currently in College pursing her degree in Fashion and is looking forward to gaining more knowledge and experience to help further her career.


bunny & hare Vogue 2020

bunny & hare Vogue 2020

bunny & hare Vogue 2020

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